Blue Light System

The Blue Light System is an emergency response warning. This life saving device informs drivers and emergency responders of approaching emergency vehicles. Prevent traffic accidents and increase responsiveness in your city with the Blue Light System.

The Basics

The Blue Light System is a blue light similar to the stop, yield & go lights you see at an intersection.

​When the Blue Light System is activated, drivers know that an emergency vehicle will be approaching within 15 seconds.

The visual indicator & the 15 second window allows drivers at all intersections to look for emergency vehicles, stop, pull over or clear the intersection.

The system also informs emergency responders if other responders are approaching.

Why the Blue Light System is important.

Emergency vehicles are at risk when drivers do not hear emergency sirens. Many vehicles offer noise reduction features that provide comfort to the driver, but create greater risk in emergency situations.

The Blue Light System not only informs drivers of approaching emergency vehicles, the system also informs emergency responders if other emergency vehicles are incoming.

How is your city protecting emergency responders?

2015 Incident

As posted by Arnold & Itkin on November 2, 2015 “Vehicle fatality rates for emergency responders are estimated to be up to 4.8 times higher than the national average. Most emergency vehicle accidents occur at intersections because emergency vehicles are typically traveling at higher speeds in urgent situations, the accidents often result in severe injury or death to occupants of the emergency vehicle or the passenger vehicle involved.”

2009 Incident

TULSA, OK — A Tulsa Police officer was injured in an accident Sunday (April 20, 2009) while en route to investigate an auto-pedestrian crash. The collision occurred about 11:40 a.m. at the intersection of 71st Street and Mingo Road, Cpl. J.D. Curran said. Officer Keith Fallis, an advanced traffic investigator, was east on 71st Street with his emergency equipment activated on his unmarked police car when he stopped to make sure the intersection was clear, Curran said. He continued through the light and was hit by a Jeep that was north on Mingo Road. Posted: Apr 26, 2009

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